Rapidflow Mobile Ideation Apps is a mobile app to help Oracle Innovation Management User to post and manage ideas on the go. Our research shows that employees, partners, suppliers, distributors and customers generates more ideas when they are not in front of computer or laptop and they intend to post ideas when they are on the move. In todays competition everyone wants to do more with less effort. To do such smart work you need intelligent tools, Rapidflow Ideation Apps is such intelligent tool that helps you to evaluate ideas, review them and take decision on approval and rejection with very minimal effort and achieve same result that you do by opening Oracle IM Cloud in desktop version with multiple clicks.

Rapidflow Mobile Ideation Apps comes with some power packed features like:-

  • Very light weight apps, just a skeleton (10-13 MB size)
  • Support all major platforms: Android, iOS and Windows 8
  • Web portal enabled. Rapidflow Idea App can be launch in web portal with a assigned domain name
  • HTML 5 based, responsive to any device sizes
  • Available for all standard tablets
  • Product feature updates on the GO with every new version
  • Unlimited data and message transaction between Oracle IM Cloud and Rapidflow Mobile Ideation Apps
  • Non-metered message service with every Rapidflow Mobile Ideation Apps subscription

Product Features

Idea Management

  • Post new Ideas with selective idea type
  • Review Ideas on the go with any mobile devices
  • Update Ideas
  • Highly configurable meta-data management like Idea Type list, Extended Flex Fields etc

User Management

Managing and tracking your own ideas is now simple with one touch. Get all your ideas in single touch

Idea Discovery

Discover new ideas with keywords, Idea status and user name with powerful search engine

Idea Governance

Submit, Approve, Reject and Implement Ideas on the GO

Security Management

  • Powerful security
  • Operates in secured cloud to Mobile interaction
  • Every message transaction between Oracle IM Cloud and Mobile is authorized and validated

Data Synchronization

  • Complete data synchronization between Oracle IM Cloud and Rapidflow Mobile Ideation Apps.
  • Auto pull and push data from Rapidflow Mobile Ideation Apps to Oracle IM Cloud and vice-versa
  • Real-time data synchronization, no delays in transaction push and pull

Rapidflow Mobile Ideation App Ver 1.0 Documentation

Please download the product documents from below links