For Any Organization, it is important to manage the manpower efficiently in order to stay competitive in the market and to deliver things on time efficiently. The integrations of Biometric Device data to a Time and Labour System, helps greatly in avoiding any kind of fraud that takes place, efficiently manage the manpower with a clear overview of the availability on the employees and contractors. With a Tool to track the Time and Labour, all the financial transactions also can be managed accuratelyrelated to the workforce

Solution with eZintegrations

eZintegrations provide Time and Labour Integration services with Biometric devices, online web clocks, calendar time entries or mobile devices, in order to Automatically generate weekly or monthly timecards.

Integrate the time with other HCM and ERP solutions such as Absence Management, Payroll, Project Costing, and Financials to streamline time tracking across the organization.

eZintegrations also provides integration between time machines and Oracle Time and Labour cloud or Oracle HCM and ERP products both on premises and Cloud. Rules can be applied to the incoming time events such that the time registration to payroll process can be nearly fully automated, where the Manager deals with any exceptions to expected working times.

Time entry through time clocks and the Web Clock can be combined with the calendar and timecard entry to provide support for a wide range of time management business processes

Value Prepositions

  • Time Collection: Accurately capture time worked by your employees via time clock integrations, online web clocks, timecards, calendar time entries, or mobile devices
  • Schedules and Availability: Manage shifts, holiday schedules, and other company events that impact the availability of your workers, while ensuring you stay within budget
  • On Time and Accurate Payments: Ensure employees are paid accurately and on time using simple, configurable rules
  • Labour Costs: Proactively monitor hours worked against various data and key metrics to ensure labour costs are minimized and workers comply

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